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Introducing - Deborah Cherry Mosch

Deborah Cherry Mosch
Savannah, GA. USA

I am a painter, mom, wife, professor, and - gulp - a “jeweler?” Not
being trained as a jeweler, and looking at the Orchid gallery, I am
intimidated at the moment and thinking that I’ve made a mistake and
will be the first person ever to be “kicked out” due to ignorance.

I have been teaching design and color theory at The Savannah College
of Art and Design for fourteen years. I am confident of my painting
and drawing abilities, design, and color knowledge. I think not
knowing what I can’t do to create my jewelry actually has helped
make it, at least, be unique. I’m most interested in the countless
combinations of color and texture that I’ve been experimenting with
this past year.

I look forward to learning, seeing, and working more with the help
of Orchid’s inspiring input.