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Introducing - Debbie I

Debbie I
Compugraph Designs
Highland Park, NJ. USA


I have noticed that there are a lot of new people on this list since
I first introduced myself, so I’m going to reintroduce myself (and
mention a few challenges that some of you may be able to help me

I am for the most part a designer. I did learn a bit about making
the jewelry I design (mostly gold and silver with stones – right now
I’m mostly focusing in on Judaica) when I went to FIT many years ago,
but I got rid of all my old equipment and really don’t have the
budget to buy new equipment (nor do I have the luxury of space to
work in). I was working with someone I hooked up with on this list
(and I do like his work, but there were other issues). I’m basically
just starting out and want to get together enough of a variety of
pieces and enough of an inventory to be able to show my work at
various events around the area I live in.

So I’m looking for either of two scenarios –

  1. someone who would be able to take my designs from my drawings
    (mostly from power point) or

  2. someone who could take a casted piece (with the sprews removed)
    and finish it (meaning any combination of polishing it up, adding
    jump rings etc. as needed and setting stones, some or all of which I
    can supply).

For number 2, I’m looking for wax I can work with (I don’t have the
facility or the skill to work with metal directly) – either soft wax
or hard wax with a thickness of about .5 mm (for the hard wax I’d
have to also find a saw and some mini files to work with, but I think
those are pretty easy to find).

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can see a couple of samples of my jewelry designs on my web site
(which also has clothing designs and graphic designs):