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Introducing - DeArmond Jewelry Co

Name: DeArmond Jewelry Co.
Email: @armond
Address: DeArmond Jewelry Co.
P.O. Box 30684
Amarillo, Tx. 79120

Hello! We have been in the jewelry design & mfg business for over 25
years. Our specialties are custom wax carving and production of
master models. We also create jewelry collections and one of a kind
pieces for various retailers around the world. We have wax patterns
and open mountings on-line at our website. You can contact us
directly for the URL if interested. Our staff includes master
Metalsmiths and a Master Facetor. We have a combined 100 years
experience in Wax pattern and mold making. Communicating with
others starting in the trade and with other seasoned jewelers will
be a great pleasure. We look forward to hearing from all.