Introducing - Davide Z

Hi everyone,

it happens that for scholarly reasons I read Benvenuto Cellini’s
autobiographical work, some times ago; and I get caught in the
jewellery trip. Since the last two years, I bought many book on
jewelry and read them all, bought a tool here and a tool there, read
the ganoksin forum almost daily; and now, I’m just waiting to start
doing something for real - pity!: there are some little problems,
here in Italy, from a legal and an economical standpoint, if you
want to start jewerly as just-an-hobby: so, I’m waiting to get
signed to a evening school of jewelry, the next autumn; and maybe
getting a small beginners class now. For everything else: I’m 30,
very found for (of?) literature, and trying to write something good;
I work as a computer consultant and graphician in the field of
archaeology, both on-field and museally(?)/multimedially.

Hope sometime I’ll say something as helpful or interesting as the
things I read here.

davide z,
from Italy

Dear Davide,

Even if you can’t take a class now, why not teach yourself to saw?
It takes some time to learn, just hours that you must practice, and
you would be ahead of the rest of the class if you could already do
it well. All you need to buy is a saw frame, blades, and some copper
or brass sheet metal. You can make a bench pin and either screw it on
or buy a C clamp to attach it to your table. Try to saw a straight
line, a perfect circle, letters of the alphabet, and complicated
shapes of things like trees, animals, flowers. My current apprentice
needs to do more of this at home; just practice, practice, practice.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA

it happens that for scholarly reasons I read Benvenuto Cellini's
autobiographical work [...] I'm waiting to get signed to a evening
school of jewelry, 

Bravo Davide, Buon fortuna!


welcome Davide, If you found Cellini’s autobiogaphy exciting, wait
until you read book two: his “Treatise on Goldsmithing”, then you’ll
really be hooked. And buy a scetch book and start drawing jewelry.
Its habit forming and fun.

Tom Arnold


I have read the autobiography. Can’t say I have had an experience
quite as exciting at casting the Medusa. I have certainly wished I
could get away with chasing my competitors with a sword from time to
time. I am definitely enjoying the “Treatise on Goldsmithing”. The
part on enameling… chewing paper…“if you have teeth”…to get a
pulp to absorb the moisture from the enamel was interesting. Things
were different then…

Finally, much to my surprise, there is an opera by Hector Berlioz
titled “Benvenuto Cellini”. It centers around the casting of the
Medusa. Berlioz did take some artistic liberties with the characters
but it is still a good tale.

Philips Classics, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Collin Davis. I think
the correct number is Philips 416 955-2 for those so inclined.

One of my students works in stage and theater. She did not see how I
could live without it. Now what do I have to start doing to get an
opera written about me in 200 years? Something to think about for
business plan and the new year.

Bill Churlik