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Introducing - Daniel Mischelejis


Hi: I present myself in this forum. A nice person told me about it and
here I am ! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We make stamped medals, mostly in gold 18 kt, also in sterling
silver. By now, I am trying to read past messages in order to be in
theme and the very new that I am receiving. I will try to do the best
with my english, sorry about mistakes (presents and future ones). My
best regards to everyone in this community.

Daniel Mischelejis
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Welcome to Orchid! Don’t worry about the English … even those of
us for whom it’s our primary language have problems with it at times!

Warm Regards,


Dear Daniel, Welcome aboard! No need for apologies about your English.
You may well have better English capability than many Americans and
your syntax is a hell of a lot better than mine ! Ron at Mills
Gem, Los Osos, CA.