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Introducing - Cynthia Wiig

Name: Cynthia Wiig
Email: @ocean
Address: c. wiig, silversmith
P.O. Box 10611
Honolulu, HI 96816-0611

Greetings from Honolulu! Just a quick introduction - (and I may
not be able to be more active at this site 'til after the
holidays. . .) I am born and raised in Honolulu and have worked
in jewelry/metalwork since '65 (high school). My first job was
for a jeweler locally (now retired) whom I have had the good
fortune to have as my mentor. Since fall of ‘94 I have been
working as an independent jeweler/silversmith full time and have
done some jewelry workshops at a private high school here. Also,
have been an active participant at a fine artists’ coop gallery
locally. Am looking forward to exploring this site - and
hopefully feel less isolated - being in the middle of the ocean
here! Mahalo for the efforts of the webmaster who has created
this website.