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Introducing - Cynthia Morse

Name: Cynthia Morse
Email: @Bullypugs
Address: 7751 Cooley Rd.Ravenna, Ohio 44266 USA

Hi everyone, I am new to the list and am happy to find this
forum. I have been a jewelry designer for 13 years, specializing
in silver and fossil ivory (scrimshaw) pieces as well as more
eclectic items using whatever catches my eye. Most of my pieces
are fabricated, although I have done some casting. I like to
incorporate etching and other surface treatments, and hope to
someday get the hang of engraving. I have lots of scars for my
engraving experiments…someday I’ll get the touch, I hope. I
would also like to learn classic repousse and chasing…I think
it is such a lovely technique and so very few people do it any
more. I hate to see traditional techniques get lost as new
technologies gain favor. There is a place for both, methinks. Oh
well, that’s all for now. Cynthia (@Bullypugs)

Welcome Cynthia … I too am new to this forum but feel
right at home here. Have a very nice day… Ed