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Introducing - Cynthia Eid (Cindy informally)

Name: Cynthia Eid (Cindy informally)
Email: @dsreiner
Address: P.O. Box 750007Arlington Heights, MA 02475

jeweler/silversmith/metalsmith for over 20 years.Currently
freelance and teach at DeCordova Museum School. BS 1977 from U.
of Wisconsin-Madison. MFA 1980 from Indian U.-Bloomington.
Worked 2 years for retail custom jewelers and 3 years in a gold
jewelry factory. I love meeting people and exchanging info and
ideas. Signed up for Orchid once, got overwhelmed by e-mail, and
am ready to try again, in digest form!

Hello Cynthia (Cindy) Am delighted to meet you online. I am
another Cynthia (Cindy) in Honolulu and had hoped to meet you one
day! I first found you in the Society of American Silversmiths
site. Orchid has been a wonderful addition to my life.

I also am learning to work with the volume of posts (haven’t
tried the digest method yet).

My husband created a way for the Orchid messages to go
immediately into an Orchid folder - separate from personal email

  • that has been very helpful.

With the messages coming in individually - I can quickly scan
and delete when done - and created a file where I’ll send the
messages to digest later and a file for urls (is that the right
term?) to explore later. And then there are the archives - in
case I goofed and deleted something! So, welcome back and am
looking forward to your input.

c. wiig, silversmith