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Introducing - Cindy L. Mulhollen

Cindy L. Mulhollen
Mulhollen Jewelry Design
Ventura, CA. USA

Full-time designer and goldsmith. Background- BS in Art Education,
and diploma in Jewelry Repair and Stone Setting. Specializing in
custom made fine jewelry using high karat golds and platinum. Create
and market a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, made with various
colors and karats of gold and silver and featuring unique colored
Skilled at wax carving and casting as well as
hand-fabricated jewelry. I do all the metal work, casting and stone
setting myself. For the past three years, I have been teaching
classes part-time, in beginner jewelry making for a continuing
education program at a local college. 

Cindy I looked at your website and wow! Can I come and worship at
your feet awhile? Your art is inspiring. While I had a wonderful
European trained Fine Arts instructor at my community college, she
didn’t have the flair for design that you have. The best thing she
taught me was the proper use of my tools. I do OK at my own designs
but I haven’t had my socks knocked off looking at someone’s website
in awhile. Congratulations on your success–it is well deserved!

Vi Jones struggling to find time to work at the bench, when my
flowerbeds are rioting with color in the Pacific Northwest.