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Introducing - Carolee Ann Uits

Name: Carolee Ann Uits
Columbus, Ohio. USA

I began working with silver and gold in 1990 after a car accident
when I met great folks who taught me the hows of the trade, each with
a different approach.

I have been engaged in the experiment ever since, keeping my “day
job” as a pastor - and now, a clinical therapist. I have, however,
seriously begun the process of working toward gold and silver
smithing, enamel work, lapidary, and jewelry design as a full-time
endeavor (wasn’t it always- even in my dreams at night!!)

Now, I am working with a group of women jewelers (Xtreme Xpressions)
to create a collaborative approach in the Columbus, OH area. I
design my own pieces, either seek one-of-a-kind stones or cut them,
and then use construction and lost wax methods. I like bi- and
reactive metals and enjoy the use of color applied through enameling,
contrasting colors of metals and patinas. Having bad legs, I cannot
do the show route and so am working toward a manufacture-wholesale
approach with custom work on the side.

My work is most often contemporary with a great amount of symbolic
interpretation, appreciation for the spiritual side of ourselves, and
desire to assist others in expressing their faith both in themselves
and in their “Higher Power” I personally call God (an unabashed but
not conservative Christian who seeks spiritual truths wherever I am
from whoever I meet).

I have recently put myself into hawk purchasing a JewelCAD cd which
unfortunately has no instructions that came with it and am absolutely
frustrated at this most recent experience. But then, it is not the
first time that I have mastered something (eventually) that became a
delight later on. (Please read, “mastered” not as perfected" but as
"found out enough about technique to create pleasant outcomes
enjoyable to myself and others).

I am best at design and work at technical excellence, refusing to
sell anything that does not meet my personal expectation of quality.

I finally believe that I have enough to share - not just to mooch
from the orchid archives as in the past.