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Introducing - Carol Holaday


Name: Carol Holaday
Email: @holaday
Address: P.O.Box 956 Pacific Grove, CA 93950

I am a jewelry designer/manufacturer. I sell my work in a few galleries on
the West coast and Hawaii. I also teach jewelry making and enameling at
Monterey Peninsula Community college and occasionally I teach workshops at
such places at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

Most, but not all, of my work features enamel.


I am interested in jewelry�s potential as an object of personal meaning
and communication. In my work I utilize images with symbolic connections
that are both obvious and obscure. The power of color to influence one�s
state of mind or health is especially meaningful to me.

Enamel is the perfect medium for a jeweler who loves color. It provides me
with a means of completing the expression of my work through the
interplay, complexity and subtlety of an unlimited palette.


Name: Carol Holaday
Email: @holaday
Address: P.O. Box 956
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

I am an enamelist-metalsmith-teacher interested in exchanging
technical and other thoughts with artists on this

I have been enameling and fabricating jewelry for many years,
yet I find that there is alway so much more to learn.

I am a part time instructor at Monterey Peninsula Community
College in Monterey, CA, where I teach both beginning and
advanced jewelry making classes as well as a variety of enameling

I also teach an occasional workshop at other schools. The next
scheduled workshop will be a die-forming and enameling week long
class at Arrowmont in August 1999. I co-teach this with Susan
Kingsley (she wrote the book on die-forming) and this will be our
fourth time at Arrowmont with this popular class.


Name: Carol Holaday
Email: @holaday42
Address: P.O. Box 956
Pacific Grove, CA

Hi again. Going to give it another try, this time with the
DIGEST and an address just for this use.

I enjoy reading all of the comments and helpful in
the archives, and would like to add my two cents occasionally.

I have been making jewelry for many years and I am a part time
instructor at Monterey Peninsula Community College (various
jewelry making and enameling classes). I’ve also co-taught (with
Susan Kingsley) a die-forming and enameling workshop at Arrowmont
a number of times.

Susan and I will be teaching this class again at Arrowmont,
August 9-13. You may email me if you have any questions Re: the
workshop or enameling.



Name: Carol Holaday
Email: @holaday42
Address: P.O. Box 956
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Since the digest is no more, going to give this another shot
with a dedicated email address. I’ve introduced myself a couple
of times but dropped out due to too much mail! I’ve learned a lot
from reading the archives (thanks, everyone) and do want to

I am a jeweler, enamelist and teacher. I’ll be happy to answer
questions Re: enamelling techniques, tools and materials for
enameling, and/or hydraulic die forming.

Carol Holaday


I’m very new to enameling -I’ve taken 2 classes so far - I’m
looking for e-mail addresses of suppliers so I can familiarize
myself with the medium and also order stuff - If you could help
me I’d be appreciative - Thanks - Bernice


Hello Bernice

I am not aware of any email addresses (or Webb sites for that
matter) for enamel supplies. A Webb site for enamelists would be
wonderful to see. Glass bead makers have a good one, and I
believe there are more enamelists than bead makers (though that
field is growing rapidly).

The following is a list of phone numbers for suppliers that I
use and can recommend. I purchace all of my enameling supplies
from these four. I know there are others, these are just my
favorites. Call for catalogs.

Enamel Emporium 713-984-0552 Japanese enamels and products,
Thompson lead free enamel, great service!

Bovano of Cheshire 800-847-3192 French enamels

Enamelwork Supply Co. 800-596-3257 Japanese and Austrian
(Schauer?) enamels, products not available from other suppliers,
and Coral is very knowledgeable and helpful regarding everything
she supplies. Fast service!

Thompson Enamel 606-291-3800 Manufactures of lead free enamel,
extensive catalog of tools and supplies, technical help regarding
products. Also sells Blythe enamels (or did, though you may need
to ask about that).

I use the French enamels for my cloisonne and production work on
fine silver. The Japanese enamels are truly wonderful, but
comparatively expensive. Mix well with the French ones. I use
Thompson’s lead free enamels for my work on copper and for all
class room situations. Many great colors.

If you aren’t already a member of The Enamelist Society, you may
like to join. They (we) produce a full color newsletter/magazine
filled with that will be of interest to you. Call
606-291-3800 to subscribe.

Along with Susan Kingsley (author of Hydraulic Die forming for
Jewelers & Metalsmiths), I am co-teaching a class at Arrowmont
School of Arts and Crafts this summer. August 9-13. The title is
Die Forming and Enameling and the class offers the opportunity to
learn (or expand skills) in two areas at once.

Happy enameling.