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Introducing - Carlos Godoy

Name: Carlos Godoy
Email: @carlosgodoy
Address: R : Jopio Ramalho 1171 Perdizes - Spio Paulo - SP BRAZIL

I am a design maker from Brazil and I hope to change technical
and asthetics whith the metalsmiths all over the

Name: Carlos Godoy
Email: @godoyc
Address: r : Jo? Ramalho 1171- Perdizes S? Paulo - SP CEP: 05008-002

I 'm working on jewelry since 1990 here in S? Paulo , Brazil . In
1997 we had created the ADAJ -SP - BRASIL(Designers and Artists
Jewelers Association), and the AJ?A Group that works whith six
designer makers on the development of this category . For more
contact me via E-Mail . Best wishes for all.