Introducing - Carlos Gallegos

Name: Carlos Gallegos
Email: @bmgjwls
Address: 8 Poniente # 3513
Colonia Amor
Puebla, Puebla Mexico 72140

I am a Diamond Imoprter And Jewelry Manufacturer who specializes in
Bridal and Designer Settings that cater to our customers personal
lifestyle. I am relatively new in distribution. I was a corporate
buyer for many of the US strong retailers including J.B. Robinson and
Zale Corporation prior to branching out on my own 5 years ago as an
indepedant retailer and have recently expanded ti include importing
and exporting loose Diamonds and Colored Gemstones from the US -
Mexico and vise versa. I would enjoy exchanging design ideas and
learning new and old Production/ finishing techniques. Please feel
free to contact me at @bmgjwls or at my alternate E-Mail address.