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Introducing - Cande Toner

Cande Toner
Dancing Turtle Studios
Ada, Mi USA

Hello, My name is Cande and I am coming back into jewelry making
after about a 6 year leave to do not so nice things like real estate
and insurance. (Just a little intimidated at this point.) I work in
enamel on copper, silver and a bit of gold. I have also started to
make enamel tiles and have one installation of my mosaics in a
bathtub surround. My husband is a woodworker so I have frames for my
current tiles. We used to incorporate the tiles into his
woodturnings, but he hasn’t turned for a few years. I look forward
to being part of Orchid again.

Welcome back Cande,

It seems you aren’t alone. I too and quite a few others are
returning to our passions after spending time in the not so nice
outside world I have been out for 4 years just getting insurance
coverage and an income and I am now back.

I like your work and you and are I doing stuff along the same lines
with enamelling.

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, ceremonial silver