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Introducing - Brian P. Marshall

Name: Brian P. Marshall
Email: @BMarsh8921
Address: Stockton Jewelry Arts School
708 W. Swain Rd.
Stockton, CA 95207
209-477-6731 Office/Fax
209-477-6535 Workshop/Classrooms

I and a partner, are setting up a bench jewelers school. I have
been in the trade for 26 years, my partner for 50. It is a slow
process, we’ve been working on it for more than 3 months - and
still haven’t gotten to the point where we can open the doors.
Far more complicated than we originally thought. Finding
insurance, getting the necessary legal framework established, and
attempting to minimize our mistakes have occupied more of our
time than we would have guessed. We’ve already doubled our space
from 700 to 1,400 square feet - and we have yet to take our first
"formal" student! Any and all advice will be much appreciated,
and any help I can offer anyone else - is here for the asking.

Brian P. Marshall