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Introducing - Brian Minnear

Name: Brian Minnear
Email: @Brian_Minnear

I am a new subscriber, as of last week, however, I have already
found great value in the service to date. My name is Brian
Minnear, I am a teacher at a Community college here in
Christchurch, New Zealand. I first began teaching Jewellery
techniques about seven years ago and since then have developed a
foundation course for budding silversmiths. I have found that the
quickest way to learn, is to teach; example: yesterday a student
wanted to patinate brass, all I had in the workshop at the time,
was Lime Sulphur, so thinking on my feet, I suggested that she
wrap some Iron binding wire around her work and immerse it in
some Copper saturated pickle, ie; copper plate the piece which
then accepted the patina. To this end, I can safely say, that
I’m a “Jack of all trades but master of none” and am willing to
experiment with any technique.