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Introducing - Bob Rivard

Name: Bob Rivard
Address: 21319 Romar St. Chatsworth Ca. 91311

Hi; Im a newbe to gem and minerials, but have always been
interested in them. I have recently joined a gem and mierial
club at work called Rockatomics, and it is sponsered by Boeing
North American. Allthough the club membership is small is small
aprox. 25 people we have a 700 q. foot shop with most of the
eqipment needed, including 24inch slabing saws, trim saws,
sanders, polisher, plus a full metal shop. You may note the
absence of a faceting machine, we can always hope. At present im
’practing’ on some Jasper and onyx cabs 5mm to 25mm and they are
looing prety good, no flat spots ‘so far’.

Perhaps between the club and orchid-digest infrmation I’ll be abe
to progress rapidly to some serious projects.


Bob Rivard
be able to advance to