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Introducing - Barbara A. Hopkins

Name: Barbara A. Hopkins
Email: @Hopkins
Address: South Berwick, ME

As a chemist and high school teacher I have found metalworking and
minerals to be interesting. Most recently I have collaborated
with several artists to create lab experiences that emphasize
chemistry through metalworking.

Name: Barbara A. Hopkins
Email: @Hopkins
Address: Oyster River High School
Durham, NH 03824

Hi Folks… I’m back. I had to leave the list when there
weren’t enough hours to keep up with all your wonderful ideas.
I’m still a chemistry teacher but on sabbatical for this year.
It took me almost five years to get this sabbatical and I still
have a lot of work to do…but I have a life! I needn’t grade
into the wee hours of the morning. So…I’m taking my first
jewelry making class…and having a blast! My plan is to really
know what I’m doing when I run the Metalworking Lab next year in
chemistry. The kids love it…the applications of chem are
great…and you folks helped me to know how to do things.
Thank-you! I look forward to more!