Introducing - anthony petrillo

Name: anthony petrillo
Email: @D0dec
Address: 1215washburn st scranton pa.18504

Hi, My name is Anthony Petrillo. I am a distanse education
student of GIA. I have received my diamonds, diamond grading, and
colored stone certificates, and I am ready for my finals in gem
identification and colored stone grading. I have also completed
JMA programs for advanced jewelery and stone setting. I’ve been
doing silver and goldsmithing for the last 7 years. I am married
for 14 years, my wife’s name is Lori, she is a cosmetolagist, and
I have 4 children.I am an apprentice to my father, who is a
diamond cutter, he has been teaching mefor the last 8 years. I
have also bought a facetron so i can learn to cut gemstones as
well.I am always anxious to learn more about the industry and
meet new people. Thank You, Tony