Introducing - Ankita Gupta

Name: Ankita Gupta
Email: @ankita_gupta

hi!! that’s ankita, it’s a pleasure to know you all users of’s
been long that i am using this service but i never got myself introduced
to you guys,so i thought it’s gonna be unjust on my part to know you all
and not letting you know me.

i am into the designing and manufacturing all kinds of jewelery,
traditional to contemporary,stones to diamonds,silver to platinum as
jewelery is my passion, it’s my life , it’s beautiful,your designs reflect
your inner hidden creativity, your stones, the colour combinations reflect
the state of mood in which the pc. has been created.

if you guys wish to know anything or contact me for business you are most

i am interested in know about a good cad package if any of you whose using
or manufacturing it please let me know.

ankita gupta
chief executive
mapsa jewels corp.