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Introducing - Andri Yaphiar

Andri Yaphiar
Bandung, Jawa Barat. Indonesia

i’m a home industry that doing casting and handmade jewelry. i would
like to share all about which relate to jewelry making.

Welcome to Orchid, Andri!

I am also a home industry caster and jewelry maker, and I think it is
wonderful that we can be in touch through Orchid, all the way around
the world. I wish you the best of luck with your work, and I hope
that you can enjoy Orchid as much as I do!

These Orchid introductions are a very good thing. We might even find
them useful to go back to in the archives when we are answering
people’s questions, in order to fit our answers to the skill level
and method of working of the person asking the question. In addition,
the person answering could be looked up to get an idea of what their
work might be like, and what their experience might be.

I guess that means that I should log in with an Introduction of my
own. Some time. When I have time to get to it.