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Introducing - Allan Freilich

Name: Allan Freilich
Email: @Waterphoto
Business address: Freilich Jewelers 311 E 204th St.Bronx, N.Y. 104678

In business with my father, who started watchmaking in 1939. We
are retailers in the Bronx, N.Y. I have been in the business
since 1971 partime, and full time starting 1977. I am a bench
jeweler, and as of the past two years, diamond and colored stone
setter. I am always reading, buying video tapes, and trying to
learn as much as I can about jewelery making.

Name: Allan Freilich
Email: @Waterphoto
Address: Business: Freilich Jewelers 311 E 204th St. Bronx, N.Y. 10467

I already gave my intro to Mr. Brain at Brain Press. I have
been in the business about 25 years, joining with my father who
has been a watchmaker since 1939. I am always studying new
methods and looking for new books/videos on perfecting my
techniques on setting and repairs, as well as having an interest
in jewelry making.