Introducing - Alan P. Reed

Name: Alan P. Reed
Email: @alanreed
Address: Reed Lapidary Design Studio
1175 - 59th Street #8
Oakland, CA. 94608

I have been cutting stones, especially opal, for over 25 years.
Mostly selling to jewelers, gem shows, street faires and for my
own satisfaction to be able to create beauty from a rock/crystal
form. I now am specializing in different forms of opal intarsia
after tutoring under Jim Kaufmann in Sedona, Arizona. I also try
to make one of a kind jewelry with my gemstones but my abilities
are limited to self-taught methods. I am looking to better my
skills by taking courses at the Alan Revere Acadamy of Jewelry
Arts in San Fransico, California, sometime in the near future. I
will appreciate any and all help presented through your website
and from your numerous members. Thanks in Advance