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Introducing - Agneta Jonsson

Name: Agneta Jonsson
Email: @mxl132
Address: Storgatan 40 891 34 �rnsk�ldsvik SWEDEN

Hello My name is Agneta, and I am 45 year old, goldsmith since
around 25 years, mother of two boys ( definitely not any goldsmiths
there), 13 and 23 years old.We lives in the north part of Sweden in
a littel town named �rnsk�ldsvik, maybe most famous for
hockeyplayers.Have you heard about Peter Forsberg,Niklas Sundstr�m?
We sold them for lots of millions to the NHL.Actually they are very
nice and modest boys and we are very proud over them and other not
yet so famous hockeyboys from this town. I am interest in
multimedia,wine,painting watercolour,fuchias,but most of all about
everything concerning my proffession. Bye Agneta