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Internet lapidary magazine

Hi everybody,

A theme that was gratifyingly often expressed in the comments that
came back on my recently put up broken-arm-sale web page was, “Well
if you can’t make jewelry for the moment then maybe you should
consider writing.”

As it happens, for quite some time, and with increasing seriousness,
I have in fact been considering the publication of an internet
lapidary magazine. There was a start, already, a few years ago
( but that remained a
one-off with only that one single issue.

The reality is it’s a huge amount of work, and time, to put up
anything half decent. So somehow this venture has to pay for itself.
But how?

I had initially considered a subscription model, say somewhere
between 20 and 40 dollars a year. Yet subscription seems to me to
come with at least four drawbacks: one, it would be out of sync with
the usual practise of the internet, where (unless you’re a porn site)
stuff is expected to be free; second, it would limit the number of
readers; third, it would put a serious quality onus on the publisher,
because if someone’s going to pay for stuff they’d expect it to be
not only good, but damn good; and fourth it would be an
administrative nuisance to keep track of passwords and subscription
dates. I’m not sure that this model should be entirely rejected but
these factors certainly speak against it.

Then there’s the paid advertising model. While much more in line
with customary internet practise it would require probably four or
five issues, at least, to build up credibility and visitor numbers
before you could make a plausible case to potential advertisers.
Which is a lot of time and a lot of work.

So there’s where I’d be grateful for thoughts and advice. I know
there are many Orchid members who have media experience. How would
you tackle this conundrum, if you had it staring you in the face?

Cheers and thanks to all,
Hans Durstling
in Moncton Canada, typing two handed again.

First, I’d make sure I had enough cash to support the magazine for
4-5 issues. Second, I’d dummy up a sample issue to use as a sales
tool when I approached the advertisers. Third, ASAP I’d hire an ad
salesperson experienced in the jewelry/lapidary business. Starting a
magazine, even on line, is no small endeavor.

The good news is that since “Lapidary Journal” morphed into
whatever-it-is there’s a spot in the market for another lapidary mag.


This jewelry site might be adapted to a lapidary site.

Articles should be short. Each issue might have a general theme
listed ahead of time so people could write in to contribute to that
issue. A question/answer area could develop topics for future

Any author would get free subscription of a length of time (6 months

  • 1 year.)

Advertisers would get their company info listed plus all readers
would get instant access to their web site.

Club reports on field trips could be secured so lapidary people from
across the country might receive about specific
collecting sites. Video’s could be used to show direction to
destination and what was available at the site.

How to articles could be short video clips.

Lapidary as a business might be a section addressed to those still
operating a “rock shop” or those who produce more cabs or polished
material than they can use.

Estate sale could be requested and published.(This might
be a good attractant for both dealers and readers.)

For the necessary pictures, a quick loading picture/photo site could
be use.

I don’t know where/how the money comes in - that would have to come
from others to generate those ideas and details.

What do you want me to write about? Let’s get this off the ground!

Larry E. Whittington