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International precious metal regulations

Hi Everyone. I just started an etsy account recently and I currently
only ship within the USA. My jewelry is mostly sterling or fine
silver and some includes I would like to ship
internationally, but am in need of guidance. I know that the USAs
Sterling is 925, and that other countries make it differently and
may have laws about purity content. Also- I’ve heard talk that other
countries require a hallmark and purity stamp on the jewelry itself.
But I can’t find much on the internet concerning these laws. From
what I’ve read, Canada won’t let anything in that has precious
stones and a worth of more than five dollars… can this be true? Do
any of you ship to Canada?

Can someone here recommend a website or other source that could
enlighten me? I will not be shipping quantities, just one or two
things at a time usually, if that makes any difference.

I really appreciate it! Thanks,


Hi Regan,

Getting standards off the net for free is pretty rare, as the
standards organisations usually charge for their services (and I pay
for the one that handles domestic standards in Australia).

In Australia the standard for fine silver is to mark it 999 within
an oval, for sterling it’s 925 within an oval.

The standard in Australia is voluntary, so it’s not compulsory to
mark your pieces, although domestically it’s a very wise thing to do.

You’re international, and are not subject to our standards.

I would suggest that you mark as per your country standard, and
provide a comparison chart on your web store.

If you were doing a large whole sale order for an Australian client,
then it would be a courtesy to mark as per the Australian standard,
but in this case the buyer would probably stamp the pieces

Regards Charles A.

Hi Regan!

Here in the UK, if a person orders something from you, they will pay
VAT (20% import tax) on the item when it enters the country. It is
important to point out on your info that it is the customer’s
responsibility to check what tax they may be liable to pay if
importing one of your items. HTH

Kind regards
Sarah in Wales