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International Opal Jewellery Design Award

Hi all, exciting news. The International Opal Jewellery Design Award
Ass has just launched its website, this website is for jewellers to
check out our jewellery competition we run every 2nd year, it also
has a carving section and hand sketch design section. We are a non
profit ass and it is run by a group of volunteers and our aim is to
promote the use of free form and or undulating and even carved opal
into unique jewellery pieces.

Please check out this website and check it again in a month and it
will have images of ALL the entries and the winners, at the moment
you can check out prev winners and info about the competition. This
website has been done for us by one of our volunteers also so as you
can probably tell by this we are all very excited as now we have
somewhere all our inquiring jewellers can go to see what we are all

Check it out please.

Hi all, have a quick look at the new categories in the Opal
Jewellery Design Awards for 2009 which will be held in Lightning
Ridge. Two exciting new categories, check them out on the website.
Plus a little blurb on an opal carving in the articles section. [pdf file]

Christine in the Ridge