Internally threaded tubing?

Hi All,

I’m wondering if internally threaded tubing exists. It seems like it
would be a very useful item. I’m talking small, jewelry scale tubing,
with 0-80 or 0-90 threads cut into the interior.

Christine in sunny Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

Hi Christine! Try cutting the threads yourself: many of the tool
supply houses offer thred cutting taps (and dies). A good drill press
would be handy: Genly put tubing in drill press, lower chuck, grab
tubing in vice, undo chuck and raise it. Place tap into tubing, lower
chuck into tiny hole in back of tap, (all this to center and keep tap
perpendicular) and gently turn tap to cut threads. Back off every 3
or 4 cuts of the ta to clear cuttings. (Also possible: put tap in
chuck and using you one hand turn chuck while lowering chuck to allow
for advancing thread cutting.) be careful, taps can breake easily. Lotsaluck, Jo

Christine, I’m looking for similar product as well but in larger
tubing (from 1/4" to 1/2" outside diameter with the interior
threaded, and made of gol d, 14k or 18k.

If you get any responses from your query please let me know at
e-mail: @stephanie_young Many thanks. Stephanie