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Intern? Beter me maybe

    RS replied hey, I have seen some junk ; wxpensive crap made
thinking this is avant garde' -- and then there is a little store
down the street in Annapolis thes father, son, and son in law run
they are better than Tilghman a kinda -- little Tiffanny's --
Chanse or Chance jewlers on Main Street Annapolis noy quite
100yrs but will be more than that because they have the ability,
taste and the desire.

These guys told me they would form a couple bands out of ingot
platinum for me. I did the calc’s there would be plent left over
after three rings and setting two pay the guys for their worrk
with! RS That is an artist.That is a business man, too. Not jive
cheap metal in random shapes going for more than what I think
should be paid at a carnival for it. Classic Elegance, Estate
jewelry makes the exotic more precious…, you wont melt it down. RS