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Interesting personal moment - my first piece of jewelry

Hello everyone, I recently joined the list in preparation for a ring
making class which I just concluded.

I have completed my first jewelry work ever, a hammered and stamped
silver thumb ring with soldered gold elements and rims of copper. It
was a gift for my wife and she loved it.

I have never been good with my hands. At school, I was the student
who was gently “pushed” out of shop class after grade 8. But, at 38,
I have made my own ring. I have signed up for another class and
intend on setting up a little shop space in the future. (For a hobby
that is not work related - I teach students with severe and multiple
physical and developmental disabilities in a public high school.)

Working in metal was unlike anything I have done before. With wood,
I cannot cut a straight line - no problem with metal. There was a
lack of anxiety

I know that I have a lot to learn, many classes to take, and
mistakes to melt down in the future but the whole thing just felt

You will not hear a lot from me over the coming months but thanks
for the I glean in silence.

Ehud (Oody) Yaniv