Interesting jewelry artists in LA?

My fiance & I will be in LA visiting her parents in a couple weeks,
and I’m wondering if there are an especially interesting jewelry
artists/galleries etc. in the area we might visit while there. I’m
familiar with the more she-she (if that’s how it’s spelled :wink: places
in Beverly Hills, Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston etc. I’m
looking for something a bit more unusual/avant garde.


This Sat.(4/12) there is an opening (4-6pm) at the gallery Sculpture
to Wear in the Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. It is a complex of
over 20 art galleries and the Santa Monica art Museum.This show
features 21 Southern California Metal artists. It is sponsored by the
Metal Arts Society of Southern California.The show is up until May
5th. Also other galleries are…Freehand and New Stone Age on 3rd St.,
Jennifer Kaufman in the Beverly Center., Del Mano on San Viencente in
Brentwood, Tops on Cross Creek Malibu.I teach jewelry and Rapid
Prototyping at Loyola Marymount University.You can reach me there at
310-338-4519 or

Hi Dan, Sculpture To Wear at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Del
Mano on San Vicente in Brentwood. Freehand and New Stone Age on Third
St. near the Beverly Center. Sixty East on Colorado in Old Town
Pasadena. If you need directions or have any questions, email me
off-list. Beth

Dear Dan, del Mano Gallery in Brentwood has some good jewelers .
Also, there are a few shows in LA where you might meet some studio
jewelers displaying theor work: the Contemporary Craft MArket , held
in early June at the Santa MOnica Civic Aud. has a wide spectrum of
talented creative jewelers working in diverse media , copncepts and
price ranges. There is also an outdoor show called the Beverly Hills
Affair in the Garden…haven’t been there lately, but i used to enjoy
it ,too.

Just thought I’d mention as advice to less experienced studio
jewelers and as a suggestion to you, Dan : an independant jeweler
working out of a private studio who would invite in a person who is:
unkown to them, who comes without a referral of any type and only
identifies him(her)self by a first name is taking a very chancy leap
of faith. If I received a request to see my work (unless, Dan, you
meant politically interesting or…?) with similar circumstances, I
would ask the persons full name, maybe if we knew anyone in common,
if they were interested in just meeting and talking with jewelers or
if they were familiar with my work and interested in possibly
aquiring a piece. If the person seemed interesting but I didn’t
feel completely at ease with the situation , I would suggest a
comfortable and convenient place to meet and bring some examples of
work and slides with me.

People need to be open to new experiences and not to order their
lives based on fear…but that doesn’t mean one needs to be
indiscriminate with issues of safety and time. A little common
sense, a little listening to intuition makes everyone more at ease
and needn’t be unfriendly or inhibiting at all. kindest regards,