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Interesting career change

Just had a telephone call from a young fellow, his parents have a
family-owned, retail jewellery store. He told me that he is going to
take a 4 month in-depth appraisal course. He will then have his
English derivative of certified appraising certificate. He wanted to
know of my thoughts. It’s called a “F.G.A.” then he will obtain more
certificates and degrees after his name later on.

I said to him in no uncertain terms, if the Canadian gov’t is
subsidizing / paying in full for his $4,500.00 learning fee…'grab
. He will still be able to deduct the fees from his income tax.
When he finishes his training after January-2010+, maybe the end or
slowing of the recession might be in sight…‘maybe’. So why am I
telling you all this now? This is the ‘best’ time to get back to
school and learn…Don’t be too complacent and sit back and wait for
things to improve. Get off of your chairs and relearn something that
applies to this craft. I only wished I had the youth on my