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Interested in a gravers block and attachments

HI Everyone!

Can you provide any info or insight into what Graver’ block/ball and
kit I should get? Also can you recommend anyone that has a very good
condition used one for sale?

Thanks so much!
Laurie Union

There is a Lindsay golliath on ebay right now. If I didn’t have a
magna block I would pick it up. Lindsay stuff is fantastic kit. Rw

These babies are like gold. More like natural Canary yellow

They are rare and No one wants to part with them. If you can find a
jeweler gong out of business that’s your best bet. Take all your
holiday money and blow it on a basic grs block. The big one not the
little guy.

Look for a used one first but when you realize there are none out
there or they want practically the full retail price for a used one
and you get frustrated get a new one. It’s only a few hundred. SD

We carry a micro-ball. and go to the new site sign
up and become a member. we have 2 sections used and reburisb

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.

There are the full size engravering blocks and the mini’s. The full
size are big and heavy and usually need a permanent home, their own
bench. They are awesome, heavy yet fluid, great for engraving just
about anything large or small. The smaller, softball sized mini
balls are preferred by many who use just one bench. I think they are
probably more widely used by bench jewelers. That’s because you can
easily detach the shelf with the ball from you GRS mount, set it on
the floor and switch to your bench pin or whatever in seconds. It’s
not as substantial or heavy and the big but it’s quick and easy and
great to use with a scope. That’s apposed to large and cumbersome if
you use the biggie with one bench. Just food for thought, everything
is a trade off.


I have a very old block that I ran across many years ago at a tool
auction, but it was not cheap. I use it pretty often for setting any
pave work. I also, recently, picked up the smaller one that Andy from
Stuller mentioned in this thread. I find myself using the smaller
one more often than my old workhorse, simply because it is smaller,
and I can keep it close at hand, rather than stowed away as I have
to do with the big block.

I was also impressed with how the small block from Stuller works so
well with various BenchMate system adapters and holders.

Here is something mildly interesting.

I made two little cups out of brass for my graver block.

So when you setting with a microscope, it’s a real drag to have to
constantly look away to pick up a new stone.

Now I put a couple in the cup and then I can see the next one I’m
going to set without looking away from my 'scope.


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Mildly interesting?! It’s genius!
Denny Diamond


Hans Meevis

"Ingenuity, is the Mother of Invention!’ great idea! Thanks for
sharing…Gerry Lewy

Pure genius!

Jo Haemer

Great idea, but what happens if the graver block tips when setting
the stones, or is accidently hit? Stones everywhere? Maybe if you
placed some bees wax in the bottoms of the cups to hold the stones?

Jeff Herman

Hans, that is a great idea! And something you could sell quite a few
of I bet.