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Insurance for jewelry making guild chapter


Hi all,

My local jewelry making guild chapter (Los Angeles) is in danger of
losing our meeting place unless we can find an affordable 1 million
dollar insurance policy. We only meet once a month, so 12 times a
year total and were wondering if any of you know of an umbrella
policy we can become a part of? I’m not the one handling the issue,
I was just asked to enquire here. If you have any ideas or think of a
solution, but need more info please feel free to e-mail me off list.

Thanks so much.



“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" 

Perhaps, but they don’t specialize in not for profits. Guilds should
seek insurance through arts organizations, jewelry organizations,
and insurers who specialize in the needs of not for profits.

I’ve been on the boards of two not for profits and worked for
another. I’ve been very involved in the insurance issues.

I wrote to Lora off list, but for anyone else seeking insurance for
their guild, I suggested they contact their local arts guild,
Fractured Atlas in NYC, Jewelers Mutual or an insurance broker who
serves not for profits.