Insurance for Jewelers

I’ve only just come in on this thread, and don’t know which type of
insurance was requested (i.e. health/dental or property), but may be
able to offer a few tidbits on both. Here in MA, the Massachusetts
Business Association offers health and dental insurance packages for
the self-employed and small/SOHO businesses, plus discounts on a
wide range of other services. I’d used them for my insurance needs
for several years, before switching over to my fiancee’s policy
(whose insurance, from work, covers live-in partners as well as
spouses), and their coverage and customer service were both very
comprehensive. While I can’t recall my agent’s last name (her first
was Virginia, or “Ginny”), I’d still be with them if my
circumstances hadn’t changed, and the association’s contact info is:

Massachusetts Business Association
135 Wood Road
Braintree, MA 02194
Tel (781) 848-4950
Fax (781) 848-7020

If whomever began this thread was seeking info on jewelers’ block
insurance, or something like that, there were a few policy types
discussed at the Revere Academy while I was there, last summer.
While I don’t remember all of the in’s and out’s, my notes tell me
that a compeny called “American & Society Insurance Corporation”
offers something called “The Craftsman Protection Insurance Plan”,
that includes some property and liability coverage, but other than
their numbers (301-816-0045 or 800-638-2610, x103), I have no
knowledge about them or what they offer. There may have been some
additional info in the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau’s “Sourcebook” but,
again, I’m not 100% sure. Given the amount of info in there, I’d bet
it wouldn’t hurt to look. Well, that’s about all I have. All of the
usual disclaimers apply… just hoping to help out!

All my best, Douglas Turet, GJ Turet Design P.O. Box 162 Arlington, MA
02476 Tel. (617) 325-5328 eFax (928) 222-0815