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Instructors Wanted

Greetings from Nevada! I am a part time instructor at the Great Basin
College in Elko, Nevada and I am looking for jewelers to teach. (For
those of you who don’t know where Elko is look for I-80 on a map from
Reno going east to Salt Lake City, Utah). I am a "self taught"
professional jeweler and I want to expose my advanced students to
other techniques than what I have learned in my apprenticeships. If
you are planning to go to the Olymplics in Salt Lake and would like
to stop over and teach a one or two day workshop in your specialty,
please contact me. Our studio is not state of the art but we do have
an the essentials for fabrication and construction ( rolling mill,
hydrolic press) as well as the equipment to do lost wax casting. I am
interested in all techniques, but could really use workshops in:
Casting Enameling Fold forming PMC

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some
of you. Take care. -Gail Rappa

My name is Jennifer, and I am certified in PMC and hold a masters
degree in jewelry. Please email me off the site and we can discuss a
possible two day workshop.

thanks, Jennifer