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Inspiring Art


Hi All,

I thought I would pass on something inspiring.

Art is everywhere and size doesn’t matter. Small details like a
delicate hinge, or a metal shoe are recreated on a massive scale.

Scroll to the bottom and watch the video.

karen christians


wholly mother Karen that was awesome , talk about all creative
energies coming together, from concept/story all the way to
craftsmanship, unbelievable. A must see for all artists, metalsmiths
wood workers, performance artists, WOW thank you, the video was very
important too, you miss the eyes/minor detail with out it wow

Hratch Babikian


Another one, this time from Bejing.

Chinese Artist Paints Himself Invisible

karen christians


Keep watching this “thread.” When you see a new post by me, you will
find inspiring and amazing art.

How tiny is tiny? This amazing sculptor creates works of art INSIDE
the eye of a needle. Cool website. All kinds of neat stuff here.

Karen Christians