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Inspiration & how my interest began

E Luther wrote: If people on the list would be willing, I would
really like to hear inspirational stories of how you struggled

Yes I would to hear more of this. The weirdest casting discussion
has been great. If people are willing to share their
I would like to know what marketing strategies they have in place ?
What peoples major overheads are, costs etc.? What are your
customers looking for? This may be a bit too sensitive
but I thought I’d see if a discussion would develop around the idea

I will tell you how my interest in Jewellery started- briefly. My
father and grandfather both did Lapidary-. When I was little
around 8 years old onwards I spent up to three to four months of
the year in a coastal tourist town called Noosa, on the Sunshine
Coast of Queensland… I used to make out of driftwood and shells
these really UGLY (I thought they were beautiful at the time)
necklace faces and driftwood ornaments etc. My Dad made a little
tray from a serving tray that hung around my neck. I talked Mr.
Anderson the tour operator of Anderson’s Coloured Sand Tours,
into letting me try to sell these marvelous creations to his
tourists on their return trip home. So when the Barge crossed the
Noosa River returning the tourists to the populated side of the
river town, I would walk around asking if any one would like to
buy one - they did! out of sympathy I am sure. I made good pocket
money and did this for years. Then I would leave the tray at
Granddads and either swam back across the river home ( its a big
river) or canoed back depending on how strong the current was.
Sometimes Dad would collect me in the old bright purple Put Put! I
thought I was a millionaire one day when I made $10.00. Hopefully
my work has improved from then!!!

Marjorie Lord