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Inspiration and influence

Dear Friends, These posts are wonderful! I see much of myself in
your words. The most effective and meaningful creations I come up
with happen simply in a moment or two. There is some kind of
inspiration. Sometimes I have slept on the thoughts but when the
idea is ready, it comes forth all a once with no time wasted.

Unfortunately, inspiration might contain more than I am able to
convey in the physical object.I fall short and am frustrated that all
I feel is not seen in the object.

So, I thank the greatest creator that there are and have been humans
who somehow, someway do present the fullness of their creativity.
Were Michael Angelo or Salvador Dali frustrated that their creations
did not fulfill personal goals? I simply do not know the answer to
that. To me, the work of true masters reaches the goal.

I find joy in creation and it comes, as I said, generally quite
quickly though some technical refinement is generally needed to take
the idea and feeling into the physical world as best I can. Thanks.

Thomas. @Sp.T

My creativity is like a roulet wheel of ideas, and its a matter of
landing on the right one. I use to worry that I was always doubting
myself until I read this…The greater the artist, The greater the
doubt, Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a
prize. - – - - Robert Hughes, Time

Now I embrace my doubt knowing it is part of the creative process.


Now, I feel like I can chime in. Doubt is good, and so are mistakes.
Don’t worry about mistakes , keep working, produce , the inspiration
will come and you won’t really know the difference between it and the
failures. Sam Patania, Tucson