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Insects as jewelry

Saturday was a glorious day here in central Florida! So I went for a
ride on my motorcycle, along with my husband and some friends.
Hadn’t donethat in quite a few weeks. My husband snapped the soft
sided cooler boxonto my luggage rack so I could bring some snacks and
water along. WhenI opened the box to put my groceries inside, there
were two rather large, and fortunately rather dead, scorpions inside.
Reminded me of the discussion about scorpion jewelry on the list a
month or three back. Should I have salvaged the critters and
electroplated them? I may have missed an opportunity by merely
dusting them out of the cooler…

Linda in central FL

My most immediate suggestion is to check the vehicle(s) for any other
scorpions that may have been introduced into your home area- if they
didn’t exist before (that you were aware of). They breed fast, hide
well enough to get established in a previously uninhabited territory
and then, before you (wanted to) know it, they are where you least
expect them. Some are worse than others, so knowing what you brushed
away could have been good to have. As for electroforming-
its being done at every roadside tourist place from here to Shanghai
! and that’s just where i know they are being sold. everywhere else
they are embedded in resin!..rer

I had a customer come into work today, he bought some tools, and
some chemicals.

He also brought in some of his work. He had made a very good
facsimile of a fly in sterling, the body was blackened, and the wings
were left grey, it looked very real. He had it mounted on a pin,
allowing him to wear it. Awesome delicate work.

Regards Charles

You can electroform them or just replica cast them. I’d do it, but
my sweetie Tim would just freak out. He doesn’t like spiders and
creepy crawly things.

It is kinda fun to see a fully grown, tatttooed, leather jacketed
biker, manly man jump around and squeal like a teenage girl at a
slasher movie.

Have fun and make lots of creepy jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Perhaps everyone has already seen this jewelry made by insects.

check the vehicle(s) for any other scorpions that may have been
introduced into your home area 

Thanks for the warning, rer, but it’s too late. Scorpions are here;
they live in Florida, they live in the barn, they live in the shed
where the motorcycles, car, truck, horse trailers and hubby’s
tractor all reside. I don’t get skeevy about them anymore, altho I
did totally freak out the first time I found one way back when.

In fact, I was stung by a scorpion a year or so ago when I
unknowingly played “musical chairs” with it on seat of the Bobcat
utility vehicle. I thought I’d sat on a wasp!

But in reality, I rarely see them. Maybe once every six or eight

I avoid spraying my house and yard for insects as much as possible,
altho I will spray the foundation of the house when the ants get too
bold and start marching around inside. I’m convinced that my limited
use of insecticides is why my dogs tend to live 75% longer than
other members of their breed.

That having been said, it was a sad day yesterday, as we had to have
one of our barn kitties euthanized due to a tracheal tumor. She was
a rescue that showed up the year after we moved here. Vet at the
time (that we found her) estimated her age as 2, which means she was
only around 8 years old. It saddens me to wonder what type of
caustic material she might have ingested to leave her with such an
unusual cancer. Or perhaps she started her life in the home of a
chain smoker…

Linda in central FL