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Inscribed Persian turquoise

hello there - I’m new to the group – Perhaps someone may be able to
help me with research into the history and cultural and/or religious
significance of some stones I possess.

The stones are cut and polished Persian turquoise with what appear
to be Arabic script carved into the face of the stone. Gold leaf has
been rubbe d into the carved characters. Some carvings are not
script, but appear to be palm leaves. Each stone has a circle of gold
inscribed around the scr ipt or palm, around the edge of the top of
the stones. Some are backed wi th pitch and have red paper wrapped
around the sides of the pitch, as if they had been mounted on

I have asked many persons, to no avail, and hope that someone has
seen or heard of similar stones and may be able to help me discover
more about t hem. I would be happy to send a picture to any
individual who would like to see the stones.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide.

Best Regards,
Mike Kelley