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Inkwell Lid

I have been asked to make a sterling silver inkwell lid that will be
used on a hand-blown glass base with a 2" round opening at the top.
A collar will be snuggly into the glass, and the decorative lid will
screw into the collar. I am looking for a machine shop that can turn
the appropriate grooves in the two sterling pieces before they are
affixed to the glass. Does anyone have a resource? Thank you.

Margery F. Cooper


I have a model that I made years ago that would be perfect for this
project. It consists of two rings that were machined to lock
together. I made this on a simple Enco Compact 5 lathe/milling
machine. I used it to lock two haves of an egg together.

If you like, you may borrow this model to show a machinist in your
area. Anyone can do this job, and there is so little waste from the
machining operation that I wouldn’t worry about saving the scrap
(most machine shops don’t worry about saving the metal that is
removed). You can even check with a local hobby shop, since even a
hobby machinist would have no trouble making this.

Doug Zaruba