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Injection Wax/carving tip/spray freezer

Hi Folks, One trick I have used for many years is to freeze the
injection wax pattern that I wish to carve with a freezing spray can.
The company that makes it is called Chemtronics and it is called
Freeze-it 2000 , E Series.Call this number for a dealer near you
800-645-5244 It can freeze down to -60 oF or -51 oC almost
instantly… use tweezers to hold the wax while spraying or lay it on
the table… Do not hold it in your hands as your fingers will get
frostbite instantly. It leaves no residue as it evaporates
instantly… This is available at most electronic stores that sell
repair parts ( not Radio shack) and it is used to determine
intermitent heat induced failure in electronic circuit boards. It does
this when you spray an electronic circuit that you suspect may be
failing by being to hot … Cooling the component quickly will tell
you which component may be affected. The spray is very inexpensive…
Under $10 last for quite a while and is extremely handy if you don’t
have a refrigerator around and a half hour to wait for the wax to
think about freezing. I also freeze my Burrs intermitently . The wax
does not stay frozen for long… so work Quickly and respray as you
need . I have used this on all kinds of injection wax and it does work
on them all . Some waxes are more carvable such as conley casting
company’s Orange wax , but I don’t use this wax much in production as
it tends to be brittle after a short time … Mostly, I use Kerr green
wax for production and it works ok for freezing when needed. Have fun
and don’t freeze your fingers.

Daniel Grandi
We do casting, finishing,model making ,cnc/cad for
designers stores and people in the trade.
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