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Infrequent casting

Hello Everyone! I find myself in need of a small bit of casting that I
would like to try myself. At Tucson I purchased some of Greg
Genovese’s’ beautiful hand carved Druse, and since it is rather
fragile, I would like to cast backs to be held by prongs. I don’t
think the pieces are strong enough to press into cuttlebone or
charcoal, and I have no casting equipment, so are there any options
that I might be unaware of? I realize that I can do the waxes and
send them off for casting, but thought it might be more fun to do
myself. Thanks everyone for contributing to Orchid and giving me
E-mail to read, every siingle day! And, TIA for your help! Susan Ronan,
Coronado CA, where the tourists have arrived and taken all
the parking spaces!