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Information on older enamel kiln

Hi Friends,

I was given an older enamel kiln today and am trying to find out some
about it. The sign on the kiln said Kilns Supply and
Service Corp. Mamaroneck, NY Model #48R, Voltz 115, Amps 14, KW 1.5
1.75. I went online and found a listing for the company, but the
phone doesn’t work, and I couldn’t find them in the directory.
Perhaps they’re no longer in business. For settings it just has
high, medium, and low. Does anyone know anything about this klin that
they can share with me? Is it possible to add a themometer so I will
know the firing temp? Also, can I use this with 60 amp service. (We
have slow burn fuses.) I would appreciate any anyone is
willing to share.

Thanks for your help!