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Information about International School of Gemology?


does someone has about the International School of
Gemology - I.S.G? []

G. Moura

Hi there,

I haven’t seen anyone else chime in on this, so I will share the
little that I know about I.S.G… The school is run by Robert James.
He has an interesting background in gemology having been trained by
GIA and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, as well as
many years in the retail trade. I have not taken his classes but
have purchased some gem equipment from him and a couple of
educational DVD’s. He is quite generous with very practical
and is a good resource for affordable gem testing
equipment. He is trying to fill a gap of sorts between the GIA and
British programs. I am currently a GIA student and have found
Robert’s info a helpful supplement to my studies. The student forums
on his site can be helpful too (I link to them from his site

That is about all I know at this time. I do like his concept of
making gemology education more affordable for those seeking training.
You should contact Robert or some of his students on the forums to
learn more.

Hope that helps-Carrie Nunes
(no affiliation to I.S.G., just a happy customer)