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Informal survey on languages

I know I’m really behind the times here. I seem to completely lose
it when it gets close to Christmas but apparently I wasn’t reading
my Orchid enough in Oct. either. I was going back through my
collection of unread Orchids when I read the post from Christina
Sizemore. Christina I don’t know if you still read the Orchid
regularly either. But Yes, I know “American Sign Language” quite
fluently. Actually I’m a professional singer as well as a jewelry
artist. I have used sign language to enhance my performances for
over 25 years. Although I was born in Illinois my mother was born
and raised in Plymouth, England. So of course she has made it a
point to correct my “english” all my life. Now here is a question
for you all. How do you pronounce the word “scone” ? You know the
triangle pastry. Do you pronounce it with a long O, like Bone. Or
a short O , like dawn? Americans seems to always say it the long
way, but most Europeans say it the short way. How do you pronounce

God Bless you

I pronounce it like ‘on,’ not like ‘dawn.’ Used to pronounce it like
’bone,’ until I visited England, where ‘on’ seems to prevail.
David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings