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Informal survey - Enameling experimental techniques

I would welcome feedback from the readers to determine the level of
interest in seeing some images reproduced of the experimental
enameling works of Fred Uhl Ball from 1945-1987. I have already had
preliminary correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution where
some slides and transparencies are currently stored in boxes.

Please contact me off list if you would be interested (or
disinterested) in seeing these images reproduced in some manner;
this will help me determine the merits of pursuing this any further.

For those who do not recognize the name; he published “Experimental
Techniques in Enameling” in 1972. It is considered by some as a
definitive text on enameling. He was best known for his large-scale
public murals. Regards, Mark

How about a retrospective of his work in several publications? SNAG
might be interested (they did do enamelists in print recently), Glass
On Metal would without doubt, even Lapidary Journal & others might
get on that wagon. Also, possibly a set of slides for sale? Once
upon a time you could visit museums & the Grand Canyon and purchase
sets of slides dealing with subjects or what have you. Maybe someone
would sponsor a book of photos? Maybe after the magazine campaigned?
Anyway, I would be interested in most anything.

Eileen Schneegas
Snow Goose Designs

I would be most interested in seeing these images of Fred Ball’s
work. Are they different to the ones in his wonderful book? My copy
is unfortunately in a state of disintegration as the binding was not
very substantial. So any efforts you would make in this project would
be greatly appreciated.

Jenny Gore, South Oz, where the temps are in the 40’s this weekend
and the kilns are resting!