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Info on the Koil Kutter?

Hi Dave,

I’m enjoying the metal dowels I bought from you and am ready to
consider the koil kutter. Can you send me some about
it – description of how it works and price? Linda just sent me
an email and was raving about it.

Thanks in advance.


Rita- I bought a Koil Kutter from Dave and am very happy with it.
Coil the wire tightly and tape it with a layer of masking tape
before using the Kutter.

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography

I’d like some info on the same. Thanks.

Sundries for soapers gift baskets , BOTTLES & JARS
Some bottles perfect for beading!
LIFE IS GOOD! @Sandra_Good

Hi Rita,

Don’t worry about the ‘screw up’. Just think of it as free
advertising fo r the Koil Kutter (BG). I didn’t know you knew
Linda. Do you 2 belong to the same chainmakers or similar group?
Quite a coincidence, Two folks from NY & NJ who know each other,
meet the same guy in AZ on the net. Here’s a description & price
list of the some of th tools I make. If you have any questions,
just ask.

Thanks for the interest.


Koil Kutter $69.95 The Koil Kutter consists of an arbor on which
is mounted a 120 tooth, high speed steel, repaceable blade.

A guide-shield that attaches to a # 30 handpiece (any 1 in dia.
hndpc) or a Dremel. A coil holder that holds coils, up to 3 1/2
(85mm aprox) inches long & 1in (25mm aprox) wide.

There are 2 models, 1 for flexshafts & 1 for motor-tools. $69.95
each. Any model can be converted to the other by replacing the
guide-sheild, $14.95 The motor-tool model requires the use of a
1/8 in collet & a hex collet closer.

Replacement blades $9.95

Dremel hex collet closer w/wrench $10.95

Set of 23 mandrels & index, 2 -13mm, in 0.5mm steps. $29.95

Coil winder $19.95

An adjustable ring stretcher for making oval or oblong rings, of
uniform size, from soldere/fused round rings. $14.95

A corian draw plate for chain, 15 tapered holes, 3mm - 13mm.

A solder aid to assist squeezing paste solder from tubes. $3.50

All tools come with a set of instructions & hints.

All of these tools resulted from student requests that arose in
a chainmaking class I teach.

All tools are shipped Priority Mail, unless you request some
other premium shipment. Shipping in the US adds $3.00 - $5.00
depending on the weight o f the item.

Payment can be Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, check or money

Arizona residents add 5% sales tax. Items paid for by check are
shipped when the check clears. If you’d like to use a credit
card, e-mail me & I’ll give you my phone number so you won’t have
to put your card number on the net.

I don’t think it’s polite to do business on Orchid, if you’d
like more info I can be reached at: