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Info on Ravenstar

Hello All, I have a friend interested in selling about 11 sets of
beadwork pieces from the artist “Ravenstar” that his deceased wife
collected. The collection is about 15-20 years old and in good
condition. He would like to put them on consignment at a store
somewhere in the Southwest region and I have not a clue where to
direct him. He also may be interested in ebay. Is anyone familiar
with this artist, appraissal considerations, and/or contacts to sell
the work? All insight is appreciated. Reba

Well there is a website: you might get ideas


dear reba,

it would appear that this site is already selling ravenstar’s work.
they may be willing to handle the rest of the pieces.


Here is a link to info in Ravenstar…you might be able to even
contact the artist through here

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Desta Marbury
Desmirada Designs